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Code Of Conduct
by posted 09/11/2017




·         The coaches and players on the field may have specific instructions, or prearranged scenarios to ask a player to do something. I will not interfere with that coach’s instruction.

·         Abusive and foul language is not permitted. The conduct of any guests of a PYF family is that family's responsibility.

·         I will do my part to have my player attend all practices and fundraisers at the designated time and will reinforce and remind my player to honor the player’s code of conduct s/he is bound to uphold.

·         I will make sure my daughter/son remains on the sideline and/or on the bench when s/he is not in the game, and to cheer on his/her teammates. I will inform the coaches of any ailment, injury or physical disability that may affect the safety of the child or the safety of others.

·         I will not openly complain, bring up team issues, or express my displeasure about other players in front of my daughter/son, other players or team parents.

·         I will respect the officials and their authority during the games and will never question, discuss, or confront the coaching staff or manager after the game. I will demand the same of my child. I will take the time to speak with the coaches according to the 24 Hour Rule: 24 HOUR RULE: I will wait 24 hours before I call, email, or confront a coach to discuss any issues related to my child and the team.


Consequences and Penalties

Failure to live up to the Code of Conduct, whether it be by the athlete or parent, may result in one of the following sanctions being imposed by the Head Coach and/or the Board of Directors upon the athlete:

·         Suspension from the team - the suspension imposed may range anywhere from one game or practice to one or more games or weeks, depending upon the severity of the misconduct and the surrounding circumstances.

·         Dismissal from the team for the remainder of the season; or permanent dismissal from the PENTUCKET YOUTH FOOTBALL Organization.

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