West Newbury, Groveland, Merrimac, Haverhill, Bradford, Georgetown grades 3-8

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Pentucket Cheerleading is a cheerleading program offering instruction in cheers, stunting, jumps and tumbling for routines to be used during football games, at outside competitions and at the Cape Ann Youth Football League (CAYFL) Competition/Exhibition in November, where all cheerleaders will participate. It is open to all girls in the Pentucket District in grades 3-8.

Pentucket has traditionally placed cheerleaders on teams by grade, and generally seeks parity in skill level and experience for each team. 

The season begins with “training camp” for 1 week in August. After Labor Day, practices are at the coaches discretion and typically are scheduled 2 times/week at an indoor facility with appropriate cheer mats for safety. We also have choreography dates which are seperate days from practice. These usually are a four hour block and are broken up in two or three days to learn competition rountines.

There are approximately 8-9 scheduled weekend football games per cheerleading team. The Cheerleading schedule is dependent on the football schedule. If your child is on the A cheerleading team she/he will cheer for the A football team according to that schedule, and so on for each team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This Q & A is designed to provide answers to the most common questions. If this does not answer your question, please send an e-mail to merrillcheermom@gmail.com

What are the goals of the program?

The objectives of our program are the same as all Pentucket Youth Sports Programs:

  • To teach individual skills

  • Promote physical fitness

  • Give children an opportunity to compete in team sports

  • Encourage team cooperation and sportsmanship

  • Have fun!

Why is registration so early?

Registration is held at this time so that rosters can be finalized before the end of school and all necessary information is collected (copies of Birth Certificates for new participants). 

Early registration also provides required lead-time to insure proper time to order uniforms, schedule camp, coordinate practice times & training needs for the program.

What does my registration fee cover? What additional expenses will I incur?

Registration fees include season long use of uniform (skirt, vest, bow and tshirt) and other administrative costs to run the program. The extra fee for competition covers the cost to rent practice space as well as competition fees. Note: We endeavor to keep our fees as low as possible while maintaining our goals and safety. We have projected enrollment, established a budget, and only charge what is necessary to cover costs.

Why is there a mandatory uniform day?

Your child will be sized for her uniform.

 Vendors and coaches will be there to take orders for the required & optional items your child may need. 

Registration fees do not cover costs of the following mandatory items:  

  • Cheer Sneakers

  • Briefs (aka boy shorts)  

  • Nylon zip back turtlenecks

Black and White Hooded Jacket

Black leggings

All of these items are standardized by the league and must be purchased by the PYC vendor on uniform day to insure delivery prior to season start (approx $125).  

If your cheerleader has previously purchased items that match the current year requirement, still fit, and are in good condition, these do not need to be repurchased.  

Black leggings & no-show white socks are also required items, however are not 'standardized' and do not need to be purchased from our vendor, but will be available for purchase on uniform day for your convenience.Vendors also offer a variety of items cheerleaders find useful:  jackets, sweatshirts, pants, cheerleading bags and more! These purchases are completely discretionary.

  • The Director of the program will be available during uniform day to field questions about the upcoming season.
  • Why is registration only on-line?:

    The PYFC Board has determined that the most effective way to communicate and collect information and funds on a program of this size is to utilize technology available on the Internet. We realize that this may cause inconvenience to some - if you are unable to gain access to the internet to register your child, please contact the Cheer Director for assistance.  Please recognize that this is a program comprised solely of volunteers and every effort needs to be made to streamline administration, yet communicate effectively.

    Why do we need to practice in the summer?:

    Cheerleading is like any other sport. Practices typically begin 2-3 weeks prior to the first game so the cheerleaders can learn new cheers and half-time routines. This way at the first game the cheerleaders will be prepared. Football games start the 1st weekend after Labor Day. The summer days are necessary to give us enough time to familiarize the cheerleaders with the program and to conduct any evaluations. We are using a mid-week, early evening summer schedule to allow for daytime family activities and long weekends.

    What is the commitment to the program in terms of time and travel?:

    We will be holding two-hour practices in late August as previously mentioned. During the season, squads generally have an hour and a half to two hour practice 2-3 times per week. Additionally, attendance at a weekend football game for cheering is mandatory. Games are on Saturday or Sunday. Travel: We participate in the Cape Ann League and have games both home and away scheduled with Danvers, Lynnfield, Newburyport, Masco, Amesbury, Marblehead, Hamilton-Wenham, North Reading, Winthrop, Gloucester, Manchester-Essex, and North Andover. Our "home field" is Pentucket High School.


    What are the key mandatory dates?

    Exact dates and times will be posted to the PYF site as the season progresses, the estimated timeline below is to provide a baseline for your schedule planning.

    Registration:  April 1st - July 30

    Uniform Day: July 12, 2017 

    Training Camp: August 7, 8, 9, 2017 from 4-7 PM

  • Practice: 2 days per week. Days to TBD.  

  • Games: After Labor Day

    Competitions: October through mid-November (dates & times are typically not available to PYC until 1-2 weeks prior to event)

    Banquet:  mid-November  (after Cape Ann Superbowl & Cheer competition)

    Please refer to the Pentucket Youth Football & Cheer website for team & program schedules. 

  • Pentucket Youth Cheer uses facebook to update all families and athletes of upcoming events, schedules and information important to each team. Please join today!


    Per CAYFL (Cape Ann Youth Football League) all games are mandatory for cheer teams, rain or shine. All Cheerleaders will be required to attend games unless football game is cancelled or their team is excused by the Director of Pentucket Youth Cheerleading.

    *Always check website, facebook & emails/texts from coaches prior to heading to games to confirm status of the game.


    All items listed in FAQ are subject to change.